December 17, 2021

Who should pay it? 

Advance tax is mandatory for all the person like individual, Corporate & Companies as an when there tax liability increases more than  Rs. 10,000/-,

However, salaried employees need not to pay advance tax if your employer deducts tax at source (TDS). However, further, in case of any other income earned by such employees like rental or interest income on which TDS has not been deducted, advance tax would apply.

Advance tax payment

The income tax laws already specify that a certain percentage of advance taxes be discharged on certain specific dates during the year.

AS 15th March is the due date of the payment of 100% Advance Tax, hence all assessee needs to pay AT before end of tomorrow.

Steps to pay advance tax

We know that 15 March 2018 is the due date for payments of the last instalment of advance taxes.

Advance tax we can pay through online or offline through any of the authorised bank branches details can be found  using the link  ‘’ and navigate to the following path:Services > OLTAS > Bank Branch . Then select State and location.

Steps for e-payment of taxes are as follows:

  1. 1.Visit

  2. Under Services tab select ‘e-payment: pay Taxes online’.

  3. Select Challan no. 280

  4. Enter Personal Information

  5. Fill the Challan,

  6. Pay through Net banking/Debit card/Credit card

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