December 17, 2021

It’s not business as usual anymore… The city of Bangalore grew rapidly over the last 20 years and earned the name as India’s Silicon Valley. With the IT industry making a firm footing, Bangalore now has a very robust business environment. The city is home to large corporations, both Indian and multinational, and a vibrant startup community. No doubt, the presence of a multitude of businesses and a large population engaged in the corporate sector calls for an equally strong community of chartered accountants in Bangalore. Because every organization and every person engaged in business needs the services of chartered accountants in the city.

Given the diversity of the business environment and diverse needs of companies in finance, audit, and taxation related matters, the chartered accounting professionals need to have considerable expertise to help businesses that seek their service. It’s no wonder that there are nearly a thousand actively practicing chartered accountants in Bangalore, helping companies and individuals with statutory requirements with regard to finance and taxation.

How are we unique among chartered accountants in Bangalore?

Mukunda & Shiva Associates (also called MS Associates) is one such accounting and auditing firm in Bangalore which has earned the respect of its growing customer base with it’s high-quality and customized service offerings. It is not a traditional chartered accounting firm in Bangalore that offers only a few specialized services, forcing customers to scout for different chartered accounting firms for their different service. MS Associates offers different types of services, each as a specialized service, under one roof.

Though we are the general practitioners as chartered accountants, we are specialists in almost everything in accounting, taxation, and financial planning.

With a complete range of services, we are in a position to offer end-to-end solutions to the business community. We are one of the best chartered accounting firms in Bangalore to approach if:

–      You are starting a company

–      Your company is growing and its needs dedicated chartered accountants

–      You are restructuring a company

–      You are closing the operations of your business

We offer following chartered accounting services in Bangalore

We cater to different auditing and taxation needs of our customers under these top service categories:

Audit and Assurance

We assess company accounts to determine if they correctly represent the company’s transactions as on date. We also provide assurance to the users of the accounts we have thoroughly examined the accounts as a third party and agree with them.

Accounting Services

From creating budget plans to bookkeeping to preparing financial statements to prepare tax returns, we provide a complete range of accounting services in Bangalore.

Business planning and advisory

We assist companies in resolving issues with their business and work with them to develop their business strategy, besides offering business improvement advice.

Statutory compliance

We deliver statutory compliance auditing services including maintenance of statutory records, the audit of statutory compliance, and advising on the implementation of accounting standards and practices.

Taxation and indirect taxation

We help companies and individuals in preparing tax returns, tax filing and all kinds of tax assistance like obtaining Permanent Account Number (PAN), Tax Deduction Account Number, services related to TDS, STPI registration, and more.

We provide these value-added chartered accounting services in Bangalore:

We assist businesses in:

–      Tax planning

–      Achieving 100% compliance

–      Having a solid internal control in their business environment

By providing a range of services and taking the best care of its clients, MS Associates has come to be recognized as one of the best-rated chartered accountants in Bangalore.

Do you need any chartered accounting services in Bangalore? If yes, please reach out to us.

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