Bengaluru International Film Festival - BIFFES


This biopic is about the legendary seer of Siddaganga Math, Sri Sri Shivakumara Swamiji. Shivakumara Swamiji lived upto the ripe age of 112 years which was a great and notable achievement in itself, but he is more known, even after his passing away, for his philanthropic work in imparting education along with free meals and accommodation to millions of underprivileged children, for opening countless education institutions and for being the saint for the masses. Sri Swamiji who hailed from a well to do family got anointed as a sanyasi and lived a life of austerity and discipline. He was undoubtedly the conscience of mankind. This biopic tries to explore his life and work till about ten years ago with authentic research and recreation of his major life events till when he became the head of the math. This feature with English subtitles may give an honest glimpse into the life and greatness of the much loved swamiji who started his journey to his heavenly abode just a month ago.