Setting off Inputs GST of Different Heads

INPUT CROSS UTILIZATION IN GST As we all know that IGST Input can be utilized against IGST output, then against CGST after setting off CGST input and SGST after setting off SGST input accordingly. But the same has changed consequent to the insertion of Sections 49A and 49B [...]

What is Income Tax Clearance Certificate?

There are a few transactions where obtaining an Income-Tax Clearance Certificate is currently required under the Income-Tax Act. Earlier, many transactions required obtaining an Income-Tax Clearance Certificate. For instance, while filing a tender for government works, regis[...]

Check Top Tricks to Save Money

All of us are well aware of the fact that evading or avoiding taxes is a crime, and it can invite serious consequences. All of us are well aware of the fact that evading or avoiding taxes is a crime, and it can invite serious consequences. However, the first-time taxpayers w[...]

All Education Loans Do Not Get Income Tax Benefits

While education loans from all banks can provide you the section 80E benefit, loans from NBFCs may or may not. As the cost of higher learning has risen, demand for education loans has gone up. According to a study by Crif High Mark, one of the four credit bureaus in India, [...]

Include These 5 Incomes While Filing Your ITR

While filing the ITR, the salaried people generally disclose their salary income only and forget to disclose other incomes In a hurry to file income tax returns, many a time individuals forget to disclose all income. This not only shows incorrect picture of your income but a[...]

5 Ways to E-Verify Your Income Tax Return

Majority of the taxpayers think that Income tax filing is complete once the return is uploaded, but this is not so. After filing your income tax returns, you need to get your ITR-V (acknowledgement received on filing ITR) verified. Then the process is complete. Earlier, it was[...]

Using 26AS? Check your Tax Credit Twice!

The ITR that you file is only as good as the source from which you update the data. Ensuring that the source data is correct is essential before starting the e-filing process. This includes the tax credit statement form 26AS. What is Form 26AS? Form 26AS is basically a conso[...]

Why Should You File Income Tax Return on Time?

The tax returns season is underway. You must take all steps to ensure your return filing is error-free. For this, it is important to file your returns punctually by the July 31 deadline and to keep yourself updated about any changes in the tax filing norms. If you wait till t[...]

Six Changes in ITR-1 Form That You Must Know

Income tax filing deadline is near, and some people might get confused about which form they need to file as they are not aware of the changes in ITR forms. It is to be noted that if you fail to comply with the new requirements mentioned, you may get a notice from the Income T[...]

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