Chartered Accountants in Bangalore

It's not business as usual anymore... The city of Bangalore grew rapidly over the last 20 years and earned the name as India's Silicon Valley. With the IT industry making a firm footing, Bangalore now has a very robust business environment. The city is home to large corporations,[...]

Things to do When You get an Audit Notice

Let's face it, tax audits are tedious and every entrepreneur tries to avoid any such procedures. But, what if you get a notice regarding tax audits? How much do you know about tax audits? Do you know what to if you get a notice for a tax audit? Even in a city like Bangalore, whic[...]

What are the Objectives of Tax Audits?

We all are aware that we will have to go through a tax audit if our turnover exceeds the prescribed number as prescribed by statute i.e. Income Tax Act 1961. However, have you ever wondered why there is a requirement for tax audits? Or, what are the objectives of tax audits? In [...]

The Recent Tax Audit Slab for Businesses and Professionals

Tax Audit Limit is one of the least discussed topics, as a result, a lot of people don't know much on the subject. Even educated entrepreneurs and professionals don't know much about the mandatory tax audit limits that have been prescribed & applicable to them. As we might a[...]

How is Tax Calculated with GST?

As new as the concept of Goods and Services Tax (GST), there are many questions related to it. One of the  most prominent questions being - How is tax calculated with GST? Ask anyone about it, most people have no clue about. Even people living in cities like Bangalore, worki[...]

How to File Income Tax Returns?

Filing income tax returns has its benefits. By doing so, you will be able to track your creditworthiness with the help of income tax return status. In addition to that, filing income tax returns makes you eligible for refunds, if your tax payment has exceeded your actual tax obli[...]

Taxation on Sale of Shares and Securities

The rise and fall of capital gains play a vital role on the taxation on the sale of shares and securities. How? Simple, if there is a rise in the capital gains and you don't sell your shares then you will incur a loss. Similarly, if there is a fall in your capital gains and you s[...]

Taxation on Sale of Property

You have a property in Bangalore and you want to sell it. But, selling a property in Bangalore comes with its own set of problems. Of course, you have to look for a buyer and you have to get your paperwork done. However, there are also taxes included in the sale of a property. Ye[...]

Tax Benefits to Salaried Employees

Being a salaried employee has its perks. No, not just your salary, there are also tax benefits that you can enjoy as a salaried employee. Whether you are working for a startup or an MNC, as a salaried employee you can enjoy the following tax benefits: Of course, when we are talk[...]

Claiming House Rent Allowance Benefits in Income Tax Returns

So, you have been working in a company, for more than a year now. But, you have never come across the term HRA benefits. As a result, you don't know how to claim it. Before knowing about claiming your HRA benefits, let us know about it. HRA is an allowance that can be claimed by [...]

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